Newsy Assignment

After going through many newsy videos i have came down to one video that i will do my story on, unless i find a more interesting one. For my 4th story i will be doing a story about we would react if we were to contact extraterrestrial’s and how it would impact us overall.

For many years scientist have always found that “mystery” planet or something flying throughout the sky. But we never make an effort to actually try to communicate with them? Why? Probably because we have no idea how people will ultimately react if we were to make contact with them. Especially with established religion, given that it will make people question many things about it since we aren’t the only ones in the universe now. So, overall this would be interesting to write about and I can see how it will impact us if we were to find Extraterrestrial’s.

Newsy Video-


After spending time looking through Newsy, i can see how different it is from other regular news sites. Given that instead of reading articles, they provide videos instead. Which i believe is better because, for those people that like visuals instead of on paper, this site is perfect to get your news from. But it isn’t all just videos, they also provide the transcript to the exact video you are viewing. It covers various topics, from entertainment to politics. Everything any other news site covers.

As for my project topic from newsy, I’m still not really set on one, given that there are new videos almost everyday and my interest changes. But I do know that the one that i will chose for my topic, will be based on the either world news or science/health. But i hope i can find a good one.

Hyperlocal News

So, Hyperlocal news is a type of news that not many people use. Given that Hyperlocal news is news in a small scale, which only focuses on topics on a local level. When viewing the different news websites mentioned, they all discuss what is happening around locally, like this one article, called, “Florida Voices.” which just explains an article about an article called “Florida Voices” which discuss issues going on in the state now.

What was also interesting was that, it is difficult to maintain a hyperlocal news site because they rely on ads or sponsors to keep the site running because on their own they pay little to nothing, and many readers wont want to pay for their news when they can get it somewhere else for free. Which is why there might be only a few hyperlocal news sites. Maybe this might be fixed in future or else they will be completely gone.

Photo Story

For my photo story, I am not completely sure of the exact idea that I want to do but i know i want to center it around Tampa’s nature or peoples living in Tampa. I would want to take pictures of the beaches or parks that are around Tampa or Florida in general and also the people walking throughout downtown or at parks and put together something. But i would maybe need to think about how i can tell a story by using this. As well as figure out which direction i could go. Given that the city has many places to explore and take great pictures, it would be fun to see the kind of shots i could get.

Research Study

My service journalism topic will be about drinking responsibly. Which is a would be a research study. So, it will include researching what is the right about to drink when drinking, and also researching the effects of not drinking responsibly. I will also do a take on how drinking can effect college students driving and could cause a lot or risk. As well as asking other students how they drink responsibly if they are of age and students who aren’t the right age to drink, to see how they would drink responsibly.

I would have to look for statistics on how drinking effects college students and what potential risk it can lead to. I would also need to look up how a college students can drink responsibly, as well as get answers from local students in school. I hope everything goes well as i continue this story.

Informational Story

For my service journalism story, I will be talking about drinking responsibly. since many students at HCC are the right age to consume alcohol now, or will be in a few years. I feel like this will give good tips and information about when you drink. Like what happens to your body, how it affects college students, and ultimately, just how to drink responsibly. I would look up articles online as well as ask other students about what they think.

By providing information to college students about drinking, it can really help them out when they are thinking about drinking. It will also be interesting hearing from other college students about how what they think about drinking responsibly and any advice they would give to students who are about to begin to drink. But essentially the focus would be on “How you should drink responsibly in college and how it effects them.”

Interview Preparation

When i first was deciding who to interview for my story, i was stuck, so i asked my brother if he knows anyone in his classes that i can interview, given that he goes to UT, there was bound to be someone who was struggling with school. So he helped me find someone who would be great for this interview. Julian Hernandez. He was exactly the type of person I wanted to interview because I felt like he portrayed exactly what students who live on their own are like. Having debt, having multiple jobs, and having the struggles of keeping good grade.

The interview went smoothly because we arrange to meet for an hour when he has free time out of his busy schedule. I was able to ask all my questions clearly and fully. Which was great because it meant that I was able to ask what i needed for the interview. The only challenge that i had was that, Julian had a lot to say, which resulted in the interview lasting a while. But it was all beneficial.